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From business prototypeing to enterprise application developement and form mobile application developement tp 24/7 support & customization: Smartwaves is at the heart of the complete software spectrum of services on Salesforce CRM.

"Simplification is at the core of everything Smartwave does. We are the preferred choice for diverse clients in creating robust business applications in Salesforce CRM and Vlocity, that are secure, scalable, maintainable and future-ready. With advanced tools and automation procedures Smartwaves ensures thst our client's time-to-market is accelerated. Project completion within short periods without compromising on quality is an unwritten agenda and a prevailing practice at Smartwaves.

We understand the client pain points in technology adoption and progressive workflow management. Hence we leverage the trending technologies and package solutions that are cost-effecient which thereby help boost your business value."

Plan & Prepare
  • •   Farming Sector
  • •   Prioritize Goals
  • •   Finalixe Scope
  • •   Schedule Feature Releases
  • •   Form a Team

Design & Map
  • •   Record Requirement
  • •   Define Process
  • •   Apply Best Practices
  • •   Identify Data Migrate Process

Develop & Deploy
  • •   Use Accelerators
  • •   Customize Objects
  • •   Develop Programs
  • •   Perform Data Loads
  • •   Ensure Quality
  • •   Train Users
  • •   Deploy

Manage & Enhance
  • •   Record Requirement
  • •   Define Process
  • •   Apply Best Practices
  • •   Identify Data Migrate Process

Managed Services

The current IT leaders have been constantly looking out for ways to cut costs, improve operational efficiency and eventually build progressive business value. Even though they are proactive in their approach, IT landscape is constantly changing at breakneck speed and posing new challenges at every inflection point.

It is estimated that 70% of IT budges are spent on 'Keep the Lights On' projects. If we xan mitigate these money leaks with foresight and deep understanding of the mechanics of the business process, companies can hugely benefit from the incredible outcomes it brings to the table.

Identify & Prioritize Identify Feature Scope Requirement Document Feature Schedule Releases
Assign & Monitor Assign Resource Update Status Monitor Progress
Design & Develop Best Practices Develop Log Progress
Validate & Approve Validate Feature Log Defect Resolve Defect Business Approval
Train & Deploy Train Users Schedule Deployment Communicate Deploy
Track & Report Periodic Reports Track Progress

Our Servies

Basic information about our services

  • Support
  • Enhacement
  • Consulting

Smartwaves simplifies your complexities in Application Management, Infrastructure Management, Service Integration, Security and Cloud Operations.
Our remote support made our clients ease their operational bottlenecks resulting in the raise in productivity.

With our ITIL-aligned customer focused automation abilities and on-demand integration tools, Smartwaves significantly trims your maintenance costs, eases the ITSM procedures, and provides end-to-end visibility of your IT infrastructure.
The proactive teams of Smartwaves regularly send periodical summary reports to evaluate the existing systems and identify potential threats. Our comprehensive IT support ensures peace of mind and manages all your IT requests diligently.

Integration & Data Services

As the existing data keeps on growing exponentially & exploding rapidly; business needs on the other side force you to integrate diverse sources of data, it is imperative to hatch on to the right data integration tools.

  • In / Outbound Integration
  • API Integration
  • 3rd Party Data Integration
  • Applications

With the plethora of tools available, it demands deep understanding of these platforms to cope up and swiftly yet smoothly integrate data from various sources.
Also not to forget the future frequency and anticipate the volume of data explosion before taking a significant data services decision.
The Inbound & Outbound Integration tools and techniques used by Smartwaves help clients to seamlessly connect and integrate multi platform data with Salesforce CRM.

Smartwaves understands and guides clients when to go for a 3rd party data integration and how to do it effortlessly.
Smartwaves uses the advanced tools & technology that aggregates and integrates 3rd party data with rightful medium and hence comes out with forecasts that are fruitful to your business.
Some of the data integration Vendors Smartwaves is associated with intuitive technologies to help connect with critical enterprise and business applications and provide seamless experience and endless opportunities to all our clients.

Smartwaves designs and develops Applications under our umbrella of Managed Services.
With the plethora of tools available, it demands deep understanding of these Application platforms to swiftly yet smoothly provide Application Services that can scale to the next level.
Also Smartwaves will not forget the future frequency and anticipate the volume of visitor explosion before crafting a state of the art Applications.


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